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Pt Deendayal Upadhaya Jayanti Samaroh : 

Every year by the organization, the inspiration of the organization and the pioneer of integrated humanism, Rashtra Rishi Pt. Deendayalji Upadhyay’s birth anniversary is organized on September 25 at Yavatmal. Till this day, P.P. Sarsangchalak Hon. Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat, Hon. Sarkaryawah Bhaiyaji Joshi, Former Union Minister Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chaihan, former Lok Sabha Speaker Shri. Manohar Joshi, Famous Journalist Tarun Vijay, Present Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, Hon. Jitendranath Maharaj, well-known economist Dr. Bajranglal Gupta, Senior Thinker Govindacharya, Hon. MP Rakeshji Sinha, Member of Rajya Sabha, Government of India and dignitaries like Padmashri Girishji Prabhune, Famous Senior journalist Mr. Udayji Nirgudkar  have attended as chief guests.

Pakal Melawa : 

A Family-Students gathering program called PALAK MELAWA is organized every year by Vivekanad Chhatravas, which provides education facility for students from tribal Paradhi community as well as Suicide affected families of farmers. Chhatrawas students exhibit their artistic qualities, their development and skills in this program. Eminent citizens of the society, adoptive parents of students, their parents are invited to this event

Bhaubeej Program : 

Farmer suicides have been on the rise in Yavatmal district since last decade. While the various systems of government-administration, packages, the status of aid, and the statistics are all on one side, none of the systems have much time to look at the farmers who committed suicide, their widowed wives, old parents, and small children. As a result, as much as help, or even more than that, these families need emotional support, social support.

The Deendayal Farmers Development Project identified precisely this need. After listening to the emotional call of these suicide families, from 2007, we started the initiative to celebrate ‘Bhaubeej’ in the families of suicide victims under our Farmer Development Project. On Diwali, when the fragrance of Diwali sweets, firecrackers and lights are visible everywhere, the officers of the organization were disturbed to see how ‘cemble calm’ it was in this family and that’s why it was decided to celebrate their Diwali with them.

Taking Solar lamps, a photo of Lakshmi, a cloths for the widowed sister, some sweets for the little ones, some firecrackers, Deen Dayal activists started going to the slums of Yavatmal district and going to the huts of farmers who had committed suicide. The sister who was sitting there with her hands on her head started saying ‘Tai aaj bhaubij hai nam mala ovaal’. Initially hesitant, these sisters saw constant contact from Deen Dayal’s brothers throughout the year, a desire to do something about it. Not only did their hesitation decrease, but also their self-confidence to survive increased.

Cultural Activity for (Tribal) Community : Deepawali Snehmilan 

When  whole world enjoys this festival with a great enthusiasm but the Pardhis are deprived of the divine light of Diwali and the enlightenment of knowledge. Our organization visits the Pardhi dwelling in every year in Diwali to make them share the joy of diwali with the progressed society.