The small and marginal farmers are normally prone to financial crisis which may lead to suicide. It is surprising that even people close to him do not get an idea of state of his mind beforehand. He feels so helpless that he suffers from depression and ultimately takes decision to end life. We with our experience and extensive interaction we feel that if some person or institutions remain in touch with the family the farmer may be motivated to explore options other than suicide. This will provide avenue for sharing their problems and concerns and moral support for searching solutions. If a women member of such identified family is empowered by regular counseling by trained facilitators/counsellors, she can provide strength to the family. Counseling will enhance women members’ awareness about the crisis and possible solutions, and their skill to make male family head to share the problems and concerns and discuss solutions. She can also be provided skills and financial assistance for supplementary income generating activity. If she is able to transform her role from mere member and a follower to the partner in the matters of economic activities, the suicidal tendency can be arrested to a great extent.