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Deendayal Prabodhini, Nilona, Yavatmal (Maharashtra)

(Agriculture Research and Training Center)

Yavatmal District is infamous for farmers’ suicides as large number of the suicides have been reported from the district. High cost of agriculture inputs, adverse weather conditions, lack of irrigation facilities and lack of adequate extension facilities are main reasons for the distress. Several measures have been taken for mitigating the distress, but the problem remains.

Deendayal Bahuuddeshiya Prasarak Mandal (DBPM) a NGO engaged in development of Paradhi community in Yavatmal District, considered it necessary to pay attention to the problem of Farmers’ suicides.

While working among the farmers, DBPM experienced that arresting the trend of suicides is possible only if the root causes of agrarian distress are addressed. DBPM carried out action research by working initially with the farmers in 4 villages to find out the causes and the solutions for the problems causing the distress. The action research concluded that the increasing use chemical fertilizers, indiscriminate use of pesticides and weedicides has increased the input cost multifold. Moreover, they cause damage to the soil flora and fauna and natural guards like insects and birds. Significant number of deaths of the farm workers engaged in spraying of the pesticides, have been reported last year. Experiments were made to replace chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides with natural inputs like Jeevamrut, Amrutpaani, Dashaparni Ark, etc.,

As a follow-up of the Action Research findings and the alternate package of practices developed, and with a view to doing further research in the area of natural farming and capacity building of farmers, it was decided to establish an Agriculture Research and Farmers Training Center at village Nilona near Yavatmal. A piece of land admeasuring 9 acres was purchased. The construction of the center and farm development completed during the year and inaugurated at the hands of Hon‟ble Dr. Mohanji Bhagwat, P.P. Sarsanghchalak of RSS.

Crop Demos :

Plots of cotton, Piogen Pea, Soyabean & Wheat were developed of demonstration and research purposes. In a Small piece of land the Bansi wheat was cultivated by using organic farming technique.