Health as major issue among the Pardhi Tribal community in district, DBPM organized several health checkup camps and Medicin Distribution under Keshav Arogya Rakshak Yojna. The common ailments found among them are Skin diseases like scabies, fungal infection, eczema, stomach ailments, Gastro enteritis, Conjunctivitis, Mumps, Measles, Malaria, Dengue, etc. Besides these, ailments like arthritis, oral and dental problems mostly due to drinking and other habits, are common. Problems like white discharge, menstrual problems and arthritis are common among Paradhi women. Malnutrition among children is also found. Most of these diseases are due to unhygienic living habits among the community. Eating habits like eating stale food, raw meat dried in open air for preservation also cause many of these problems.

There are several problems in accessing both public and private medical services, by Paradhis. The problems are geographical, financial as well as attitudinal. The answer may be to increase the outreach of the preliminary medical services to treat common ailments like cough and cold fever, headache, dehydration, dysentery, diarrhea, worms, Scabies, strained muscles, wounds, conjunctivitis, pain in year, teeth, common allergy, etc. It was felt that there is an urgent need for preliminary health service which will reach out to the hamlets and treat the common ailments at the door step. It will also help in bringing out the problems at an early stage and secure access to higher level services for proper treatment. With this background DBPM proposes to introduce a paramedic scheme “Keshava Arogya Rakshak Yojana”. The Arogya Rakshaks provide preliminary health care and counsel about hygiene, diet, etc. Arogya Rakshak also guide people to doctors and hospitals for necessary treatment when necessary.

(Keshav Aarogya photo add)