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Large number of farmers has committed suicide in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.  In Yavatmal district alone more than 5000 farmers have committed suicide in last decade and half. Efforts by various agencies to address the factors which lead to agriculture distress, principle cause of suicide, are underway over the years. However, the trend is continuing without perceptible reduction in number of suicides every year. The family of the deceased farmer suffers the trauma of loss of family head and faces may difficulties in managing affairs of the family. Widow of the deceased farmer has to face several problems in sustaining her family with children and dependent in-laws in many cases. 

Deendayal Seva Pratishthan (DSP) realized the severity of this problem and provided financial assistance to the 283 widows for sustainable livelihood activities. The activities covered are goat units, dairy animals, small business, flour mill, tailoring units, food processing, etc. More than 85% of the units are running well and providing a monthly income of Rs 7,000-10,000 to the families. 

DBPM was fully involved right from planning the activity, providing skills and guiding the women in procuring assets, and market information and also providing technical guidance and moral support. Continuous monitoring of the units by DBPM ensured a high success rate compared to those financed by banks under various subsidy programs.