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Vivekanand Chhattrawas

Chhatravas is the first project of Deendayal Seva Pratishthan,  Vivekanand Chhatravas was started in the year 1997 with five boys from Pardhi (Beda) hamlets.

The hostel was started in a rented accommodation, with meager facilities. Children education was given topmost priority in the long term plan for development of the community. Over the years more than 500 students have stayed in the Chhatravas and completed their education. Many of these students have become change agents back in their families and hamlets. Many of the children have been established in mainstream livelihood activities. At present Chhatravas is housed in a modern building with capacity of 50 students. (Photo of New Chhatravas building)

The accommodation with boarding is provided free of cost.

Students follow common daily routine which emphasizes discipline, physical activities, cultural activities, cleanliness, personal hygiene, etc. Efforts are made to provide nurturing atmosphere to develop the inmates in to samskarit citizen. 

Computer education: Ten desktop computers are made available to the students to get used. Guidance is provided to them for carrying out simple operations.

Sports: Expert coach guides the interested students to practice and participate in sport activities. 

Art: Expert teachers encourage the students to engage themselves in drawing, music, sculpture, painting, etc. 

Personality Development: Students are encouraged to prepare and deliver speeches on various topics, stage small dramas, etc. on various occasions. 

No assistance from Govt. has been availed for the Chhatravas so far. People, DSP members are encouraged to adopt these children for educational purpose and bear annual cost of schooling and hostel facility for one child each.

Impact: Now the ‘Pardhi Hamlets’ have realized the role of education in life. The original life-style of the Pardhis was really an obstacle in nurturing the students. The disciplined hostel routine started developing their minds. The need for change was felt very strongly by those students only after their complete transformation. And now, these students have all those qualities that make a good citizen and a cultured personality.

Parents Gathering (Palak Melava)

Annual gathering of the parents of the students staying in Chhatravas, their local guardians and Ex-Students is organized every year.   Chhatravas students present pyramids, Yogasanas, Dance, Song & Drama. The programme is planned and conducted by them only. Parents of the students experience the development of their wards and express their gratitude to the Institution. People from all walks of life attended the program.

Other Activities:

Sport Event : The Team of Chhatrawas participated in district level Basketball tournament and Secured first prize. At the same time the participated in divisional level tournament also.

Cultural Activities : Festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Ganeshotsav , Bhaubeej & Diwali celebration organized in chhatrawas to familiarize the students with our culture. 

The hostel inmates also attend daily Shakha of RSS and participate in various activities .